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Walking Robot Technology Advances

Posted by technologyworth on June 1, 2010

Professor Jessy Grizzle of the University of Michigan likes to make things walk. Robot things, that is. His newest bipedal bionic behemoth is named MABEL, and she’s able to walk quickly, in a circle, and over rough terrain with a gait that looks surprisingly human. Oh, and she doesn’t use a camera. in Robot Technology.

Walking Robot Technology, Latest Robot TechnologiesSay what?

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Forest Cutting Robots

Posted by technologyworth on May 21, 2010

Yep, this is exactly what you think it is.Robot Technology for The forest fire prevention robot by Jordan Guelde is an advanced robot designed to clear large areas of foliage from around a forest fire to help stop the flames from spreading.

Robot Technology, Robotics Technology, Forest Cutting Robots

Traditional back burning would certainly be cheaper and possibly less lethal to surrounding wildlife, but complete with and array of hubless motors, and integrated fuel system of its back this robot is a hell of a lot cooler.

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