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How Technology changes construction industry?

Posted by technologyworth on June 5, 2010

Although the construction industry has been built around brick, mortar, steel and hard labor, technology is playing a larger part in this field.

building technology- ConstructionCOURTESY ICYNENE, INC.

Worker applies spray foam insulation between rafters in an attic.

Something as simple as communication between the office and the field has been revolutionized by technology, according to custom homebuilder and real estate developer Ron Sklar.

“When I got in the business, they gave you a roll of nickels, because pay phones were nickel-fed, and a pager,” says Sklar, co-owner of Klazmer/Sklar Homes LLC. “The pager just beeped — it didn’t show you a number — so you could only give your page number to one person.”

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