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Google named ”word of the decade”

Posted by technologyworth on July 20, 2010 (Jan 14, 2010) — Google has been named the “word of the decade” by a grouping of American speech scholars.


In its yearly Word of the Year vote, the American Dialect Society (ADS) said that the word ‘tweet’, derived from sending a short message by means of Twitter (noun) and the act of sending such a message (verb) was the top word of 2009, reports the Telegraph.

The society said the usage of the word Google, a verb that means to “to explore the Internet”, came because just about everyone in the world uses the term nowadays.

The ADS chooses words for their current importance or notability in American English.

Google named ”word of the decade”

Other word-of-the-year nominees included ‘H1N1’ (the virus that causes swine flu) and ‘Dracula sneeze’, which is covering one’s mouth with the crook of one’s elbow when sneezing.

Nominees for word of the decade included ‘9/11,’ ‘blog,’ ‘green,’ ‘text,’ ‘war on terror,’ and ‘Wi-Fi.’


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