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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Posted by technologyworth on June 27, 2010

Chrysler has decided to move the owner’s manual for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee out of the paper world and into the ethereal realm of the iPhone App.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

According to the company, users will have access to all of the standard vehicle system information they’re used to, but will also be able to view videos on special vehicle features, connect with other Grand Cherokee owners across the country and Chrysler will also be able to receive user feedback through a number of social media connections.

2011 Jeep Grand CherokeeVehicle Technology

The cool part is that the app is free to anyone. You don’t have to own a Grand Cherokee or lay down any of your hard earned cash if you’re curious about the vehicle. At first, the app will only be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but will eventually crop up on Blackberry and Android platforms as well. We’re a little curious to see if the SUVs will still be available with hardcopy manuals, or if the company will forego paper all together. If it does, what happens in 10 years when the current generation of smart phones are all relics? A whole population of second-hand Grand Cherokee owners may never know what their FCW OFF light means.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee


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