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iPhone OS 4.0

Posted by technologyworth on June 1, 2010

Apple Technolgoy

There is right now adequate evidence on the web to concur the current iPhone OS 4.0 is on it is way. First, we hold the less-convincing survey by BGR that says to own found iPhone OS 4.0 in it is server logs, and minute an iPhone developer seemed to own noted a single instance of iPhone OS 4.0 making spent in the app analytics.

iPhone OS 4.0 software to Launch this January

iPhone OS 4.0 software to Launch this January

iPhone OS 4.0 software

And a present e-mail sent by a “prominent app developer” to the editor of iPhone Atlas at CNet indicates the current iPhone OS 4.0 is imminent. Perhaps! that is why Apple has put a own to the iPhone OS updates?
This is not distinct from the time of much the the previous phase when iPhone OS 3.0 was nearing it is launch, Apple seemed to suffer on the condition that a special attention to prominent app developers by permitting them to use the OS a couple of cycles before it was legally unveiled infront of the public. Also see gadget technology

Another rumor too offers a are expected cause for the have on iPhone OS updates by Apple argues which the new Apple Tablet can more than likely share it is heart OS amidst the iPhone, so Apple wants release both of it up to preclude falling off any apparent hints.
The new iPhone OS 4.0 in addition look to an integrated “simulator” to improve the ability of developers to tests such a apps providing even greater score resolution (Probably for the Tablet?). Guess we nonetheless undergo January 27th to give out.


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  2. Is it me or did this article make you want to buy an iPad?

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